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Ebony Sade Westbrook was born November 29, 1986  in Los Angeles, California and has enjoyed creating crafts since her childhood. She has a passion for literacy, health, art and education. It is through her passion she created  a platform that combines educational programs with an artistic support. Ebony’s goal is to help inspire people through various forms of art in her jewelry. Ms. Westbrook is a self-taught jewelry designer and  gets her inspiration from her mother. On November 11, 2004, Ebony’s mother passed away from breast cancer. This was a tragic time for Ebony, but she continued her education and graduated with a B.A.  degree  in Communication from Saint Mary’s College  Moraga California in 2011. Ms. Westbrook kept her faith and trust in GOD through her journey. “Creating jewelry was an outlet. It helped me overcome depression and channel my energy to focus on celebrating my mother’s life. But through it all, jewelry designing helped me… find me.”-Ebony Westbrook

Ebony’s jewelry has been featured in The MOAD Museum (2009), Bead Trend magazine (2011), Blue Door Beads ( 2012)  and RAW Artist Show (2013) as you can see in this video:

ESW JEWELRY featured.. Exit the Apple (Baltimore MD 2015) Brentwood Art Exchange (Brentwood MD 2015) RAW ARTIST DC (2016)  Hidden Gems And Jewels Magazine(2017) Art Rave DC (2018) Street Style Instagram ( 2018) Cocktails & Creatives (Baltimore 2018) A Night at The Showroom DC (2018) ESW JEWELRY POP UP ( Spice Suite 2018) What You Know About Fashion Panel Discussion DC ( 2018) Virtual Happy Hour ( Cocktail & Creative 2018) The Handcrafted & Holistic MD ( 2018) Sister Session Network Brunch (Baltimore MD 2018)  NETWORK Magazine DC (2018) Nikki Jean Enterprener Interview ( Alexandria VA 2018)

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WLVS Radio (DC 2018…here is a video from the interview)

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