TASTE & SEE IT’S VEGAN  is my first cookbook that i created for Everyone to enjoy!! For my Non Vegans and Vegans, this cookbook is a great way to learn how to create wonderful and easy plant- base recipes!  Interested in purchasing? Click on the link below 

 (Hard copies are located at Sankofa Book DC NW)

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Why Vegan

There are many reasons for choosing a vegan diet. I chose a vegan diet for personal reasons. As I am getting older, I noticed my body began to change. In order to keep myself vibrant, and healthy it was best to try a plant-base diet. I have been vegan for 5 years. I noticed letting go meat, egg and dairy products have helped me mentally ( clearer state of mind), physically ( healthy gut and weight loss) and spiritually ( consciously aware). However, certain food can give you high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and other dis-ease illnesses. You may not experience these illnesses now, but may experience later on in life. To prevent these dis-eases, it’s best to practice  a vegan diet or incorporate this diet in your current diet you have now…balance is key.

Second, factory farming has reached such cruel proportions nowadays that many people do not want to support it any further. Its all bout profit and animal welfare is completely pushed into the background. In addition, animals kept on a large scale usually only have 5% of their natural life expectancy. As always present in the media, there are often new scandals in dealing with animals, especially the slaughtering process. Food scandals caused by factory farming are also the order of the day! Unfortunately, the consumption of eggs and dairy products is inevitably linked to animals suffering.


For the ENVIRONMENT and the fight against world hunger

Not only have the animals suffered from today’s farming, but also the environment. Our high meat consumption is the biggest cause of harmful green gases. Our groundwater is also the heavily polluted as a result. Animal products also need a lot of water. For example, between 4,000 and 15,000 liters of water are required to produce one kilogram of beef. The cattle themselves use just one percent of this water. The remaining 99% is needed to produce the feed. A third of the world’s gain harvest and even a frightening 85% of the world’s soy harvest are used for animals in factory farming. Even though staple foods are scarce in many countries and people are starving.

 (Hard copies are located in Sankofa bookstore NW DC)

*Kindle and Nook version are in the link below





no need to fear, cooking demos are here!!

Once a month, I will offer a cooking demonstration on how to make vegan food from my cookbook or will give you a vegan surprise ( a recipe that is not in my cookbook)!  You will learn the secrets of how to make vegan food by scratch and learning how to make homemade spices/herbs to spice up your vegan meal(s). To get more information on my upcoming cooking demos click on the “Event” tab. Looking forward to cooking with you soon!


  see you online!!